Washington dc transgender dating

Alex Yrigoyen made a Tumblr post offering to send a free care package of clothes to transwomen in need.

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Africa's first organization focused on the trans community provides research and resources for trans and gender-nonconforming people as well as healthcare professionals, journalists, and researchers.

Among the resources and services provided by this partnership of youth and community members in Minnesota include a leadership academy and resources on health, identity, and "the restroom experience".

Blue Diamond Society, the main organization for gender and sexual minorities in Nepal, was instrumental in significant rights for trans people and identity documentation, such as allowing a third gender option on passports and immigration forms.

Named after El Salvadorean trans activist Ruby Jade Corado, Casa Ruby's Bilingual Drop-In Community Center provides services such as meals, support groups, housing referrals, and legal counseling.

You can volunteer to help answer these letters or donate and volunteer in other ways; they're especially looking for bilingual letter-writers.

WPATH is best known for their Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender-Nonconforming People as well as their biennial international symposia on transgender health.

Besides technical knowledge, apprentices are also educated and empowered in leadership, harm reduction, social justice, financial aid for further education, professional development, financial education, and many other skills aimed at self-sustainability.

Their creative media services are pay-what-you-can for individuals, artists, and small non-profits, and they provide hourly and package quotes upon request.

They are also host to the annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, a free three-day program of workshops, presentations, and activities focused on the health needs of trans people.

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