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You mentioned your podcast earlier, which I think is great.

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I've had a lot of amazing people on this podcast, and I'm really grateful.

So, we have something in common: We're both in interracial relationships. I will say that when we got married, we got married in a rose garden, and it was really beautiful.

You stop wanting to hide your foibles and instead want to show who you are. Aisha: Well, I was not one of those people who wanted to be a comedian when I was growing up. I had a great job that I should have loved, yet I was miserable.

I liked comedy, but didn't know it was something you could do for a living. I did do things on the side like improv and sketch comedy, but law was my focus. I slowly realized that was because I wasn't performing.

Aisha: Yeah, luckily for us, there were so many people who discovered the show after it went off the air—now we have a whole new generation of fans. OK, so you're an author, host multiple TV shows, act, do stand-up comedy. Aisha: Well, I'm a workaholic, so that contributes a lot to it. I'm my happiest when I'm under pressure and almost overwhelmed by how much I have to get done.

I wish I could say I'm an architect and planned it this way, foresaw doing all these things, but honestly, I've been lucky that things have come across my path and they've worked out well for me.

It takes place in NYC, which is the melting pot of the world, so it's only logical to have characters who look like they got their tan from their momma and not from a booth. PT, it's clear that Tyler is not slowing down any time soon.

But more than that, I was thrilled that Tyler was cast because she's a funny, super-confident, and smart female comedian, and it was time she got on America's radar. Lucky for me, she took some time to chat about her ever-busy careers as actress, writer, stand-up comedian, and TV personality. (But first, check out this preview of , and I interview mostly comedians, actors, writers, musicians about their work and their lives.

What's great about the podcast is that I have someone for an hour and a half alone in a room.

We're able to spend more time talking about their lives, and also it's uncensored.

Usually when interracial couples are discussed, it's always serious. But the thing is that it's a public park, so anyone is there and can watch your wedding. I'm at the stairs and got ready to walk down, and that's when one of the little old ladies yelled out, "Oh, my God! " [Laughter] But then she goes, "And she's beautiful! How do you make marriage work when you have such a fruitful career in Hollywood? He's incredible and has been invested in my career.

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