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The council has acknowledged that Sprint and Samsung may have not intended to advertise on “Dating Naked.” It took action when the companies’ ads aired on the second weekly episode despite the group’s objections.

Still, Winter said one way to get a network to tone down a program or change its air time to draw a different audience is to apply pressure through its advertisers.

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He wasn’t sure about “The Big Bang Theory” but said “Master Chef” has “constant profanity.” This week’s ratings also are heavily red and yellow.

Only “The Flash” on Tuesday evening on the CW network earned a green light.

And that’s how Sprint’s ads appeared on “Dating Naked.” VH1 rates the show TV-14.

The Parents Television Council has campaigned for changes to the television ratings system and how it is applied.

Winter said more than half of shows are rated incorrectly and always lower than they should be rated.

One problem, Winter said, is that V-chips screen out shows based on their television ratings, which means a parent who choses to allow TV-14 shows might not want a 14-year-old to watch shows like “Dating Naked.” A VH1 spokeswoman referred questions to Viacom, whose spokesman could not be reached for comment Monday.Winter said the red-light rating on “America’s Got Talent” was a mistake that he would see corrected.It must have been based on a previous year’s broadcasts.In recent years, the group has contacted AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in addition to Sprint about their advertisements on specific shows.“At some point in time, they are the ones writing the checks to TV networks to pay the bills,” Winter said.Last week, the council’s family guide gave a red-light rating to “Master Chef,” “The Big Bang Theory” and “America’s Got Talent,” among many others, as unsuitable for children.

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