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They therefore put up with their data being sent through Chinese servers (which, apart from anything else, can be slow when you're outside China), with the "vanishing contacts" issue, and with We Chat's limited range of font sizes (especially on high-DPI devices) and limited functionality on the desktop.

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By comparison, Whats App usually compresses inline images to around 250k (with no option to see full size), Telegram scales down to max 1280 pixels per dimension and sends the result as an 87%-quality JPEG (unless uploaded as a file), and LINE can send large JPGs but the recipient must save (to Pictures/LINE) to access resolutions higher than the zoomed-out screen (this screen's "pinch to zoom" does not add more detail), so you'd have to set a reduced cards with We Chat-specific data allowances are not unheard of), and with integrated shopping and payment services and "portals" to local facilities.

Outside China, We Chat tends to lack these advantages, but many mainland Chinese visitors and immigrants keep using it anyway due to their existing network of contacts, and due to the convenience of We Chat's automatic contact-exchange facilities (scanning a seems to have become the most popular method, although a We Chat update in mid-2017 prevented the generation of QR codes while offline: if you expect patchy signal coverage, you now have to prepare by taking a screenshot of your QR code while connected, and updating this screenshot every 2--3 weeks).

Contact is greyed out and marked "Account deleted"; selecting it says "account deleted by other user" and presents a Delete button which, if pressed, also deletes the conversations; otherwise any attempt to send more messages is met with "The other user cannot receive message" Spontaneous "Delete contact" is also possible.

This is when We Chat deletes one of your contacts, resulting in the person and all previous chats disappearing without trace, as if you'd deleted it yourself.

If they deleted you and you try to send further messages outside the Album, you are automatically put back through the process of adding yourself to their contacts: if they've turned on "friend confirmation", you'll see "(Person) has requested friend verification.

Please send a friend request to chat" with a link to do it; otherwise your message goes through immediately and they are given the message along with the option to add you.

" but received no reply and the next day eight other anonymous "Malaysians" had tried to add me. My ID could have been found via brute-force search, most likely of QQ numbers: I had my old QQ number linked to the account, but disabled "find by QQ ID" after this incident because I believe none of my genuine earlier contacts who had my QQ number are still likely to use it to find me.

On i OS, a pre-6.2.6 version of We Chat was infected by malware due to its developers having accidentally downloaded "Xcode Ghost" instead of Xcode.

someone you met on a bus adds you but later deletes you).

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