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The aggressor imputes inequality of standing by culpably violating the victim"s protected domain, and in a liberal society any violation of sovereignty constitutes an injury to a fundamental interest.

The victim may exercise any force necessary, therefore, to protect her sphere of self-determination against an aggressor whose culpable conduct extends beyond his own protected domain." Sub-point B: Abused children should be permitted the use of lethal force. D., "battered children who kill their abusive parents in non-confrontational settings do not fit within the framework of traditional self-defense.

If I show that it is neutral, or at least justifiable (merited according to accepted moral standards), than I submit that I will have met my burden.

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Sub-point A: Lethal force is moral justified as a form of self-defense. Robert Schopp, "The moral justification of self-defense reflects broad underlying principles of public morality.

In a liberal society that vests fundamental value in the individual"s right to self-determination and recognizes each sovereign person"s equal standing, any culpable criminal conduct infringes on the victim"s concrete interests and violates her sphere of sovereignty.

"Immoral" indicates that something is "contrary to the moral precepts of most cultures." By accepting, you agree to rules, burdens, and definitions.

Definitions: Lethal force - an act of violence that is likely to produce death in the victim(s) Victims - those being harmed by the acts of domestic violence Deliberate - carefully considered, premeditated, unimpulsive Response - a reaction to something, in this case, acts of domestic violence Domestic Violence - is defined by the DOJ as "a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner.

Although almost every State passed hate crime legislation in the 1980s, few if any included gender as a protected group"Some violent acts against women were not even considered a crime.

For example, in a few states it was not illegal for a husband to rape his wife" Even when state legislatures passed laws to protect women from violence, state executive and judicial branches often failed to adequately enforce them.

These types of abuse have one thing in common - they"re ways that someone uses to control his partner and sometimes other members of the family.

Some people believe this abuse is a private matter"But domestic violence is a crime and families have the right to be protected against it.

This would be so even if A and B had not yet actually begun to move toward committing the murder"If a sleeping A could be killed if doing so is truly necessary to prevent him from waking and foiling an escape from B, one may fairly suspect that a sleeping, yet powerfully threatening, A could be killed if doing so is truly necessary to prevent him from waking and foiling her escape from A himself"Even if a court did not allow a defendant to argue that she was a literal victim of kidnapping, the above analysis might bolster her moral claim to self-defense by use of that metaphor"After a trial court convicted the defendant of kidnapping, an appellate court reversed the conviction.

Despite the fact that the battered woman had made no attempt to leave even during those moments when her batterer was not in the room with her, the Connecticut Supreme Court reinstated the conviction.

This ability of abusers to manipulate victims unjustly infringes there freedoms and capabilities.


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