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Now, thousands of lovers build relationships, travel together, enjoy life, spend time together, create families.But sometimes happens that lovers cannot meet, and to communicate and to be a bit closer to their second half again they want very much.

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The application is free, but for a couple of dollars, you can buy a few stickers to send each other. IOS version Android version back to menu ↑ If the Couple and Duet enable you to communicate with a lover in the far end of the world, the Fingle application has a playful pastime with a partner at a stretch of the finger.

In this game, you need not compete, but go to victory together, precisely coordinating the actions.

If the finger loses touch with the screen or the chip is shifted from the target, everything will have to start again.

As the game progresses and the levels become more complex, the players’ fingers are intertwined more and more closely and sometimes in an absolutely unimaginable way.

Android version back to menu ↑ This simple application for Android and i OS will make a map of your sex life. IOS version Android version back to menu ↑ You will definitely discover something new in your partner by downloading the application Happy Couple.

The application is made in the style of a quiz, the passage of which you need only 3 minutes.The reasons for possible separation are too many, but often it happens that one of the parties is deceiving their second half, certainly lies and mistrust are the most common reasons for parting.The couple tracker is designed to solve this problem using an application that is designed to add transparency to the relationship of the pair.The idea is that the program will allow you to get an access to the history of calls, messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, as well as the GPS coordinates of your partner.Some couples will readily agree to use this application, although we note that tracking your partner without consent is illegal, so the Couple tracker only makes sense with mutual use. With the help of this app, you can very simply diversify your sex life.Answer the questions, see what opinion coincides with your beloved, and which does not. A large number of tips and personal tasks will bring your relationship to a new level.

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