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Steve feels he is not able to fire her later when she starts causing problems around the hospital and fears that she will sue him for sexual harassment, which Lisa threatens at one point.

In late December of 2010 and early January of 2011, Steven organizes a ski trip sponsored by the hospital.

He now goes mostly by Steve becomes good friends with his fellow doctors, Robin Scorpio, her husband Patrick Drake, and Lisa Niles.

In the winter of 1979, Heather became obsessed with seeing her son. died, Diana learned the truth about Steven while going through her husband's effects, finding a note which said, "PJ is Steven Lars".

She had planned to put LSD in the adoptive mother, Diana Taylor's, drink to make her go insane, but little Peter accidentally swapped the glasses, and Heather lost her own mind. Afraid to lose her child, she tried to woo Jeff, though at the time he was interested in Anne Logan, a nurse who was Audrey Hardy's niece.

to Steven Lars Webber) and left town, to keep him safe from Heather's plotting.

Off-screen, Jeff divorced Heather, married another woman, whom Lesley later identifies as being named "Carolyn" on Thanksgiving in 1982.

Heather gives birth to Steven Lars on July 11, 1977 and complications immediately follow.

Shortly after, Heather sells the baby to Peter Taylor and his wife Diana Taylor for ,000, though she told Jeff that the baby had died.

He still did not know the child was his, until 1981 when Diana finally told him.

Diana and Heather continued to compete for Jeff's attention, and plotting to kill each other to remove a rival.

He also gets a job at General Hospital as a pediatrician.

He briefly dates Carly, and Rachel Adair, and eventually leaves town.

His paternal grandfather is General Hospital's former chief of staff and one of the show's original characters, Steve Hardy. When Steven was conceived in 1976, Jeff was a newlywed, married to Monica Bard, who was having an affair with Jeff's brother Rick Webber.


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