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Having made a flag for their resistance, the refugees sit outside around a bonfire.

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Bill decides to try and find Ford’s weakness and force him to make the deal, chaining him up further.

Back in the Shack, Mc Gucket reveals the blueprints for his newest robotic invention.

Dipper says that Ford knows Bill’s secret weakness.

If all of the refugees band together, they can rescue Ford, find Bill’s weakness, and save the town.

Stan insists everyone will be fine in the Shack, and thinks that the rest of the townspeople will be fine on their own.

However, a news broadcast from Shandra Jimenez inside the Fearamid shows the throne made out of petrified townspeople to the survivors for the first time.

While the twins and the other survivors are impressed, Stan remains pessimistic.

In spite of the odds, all of the refugees band together to assemble Mc Gucket's giant mech using various materials found inside the Shack and elsewhere in the surrounding area.

Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, and Soos barge into the Mystery Shack to be greeted by the remaining refugees of Gravity Falls, including Stan Pines, Old Man Mc Gucket, Pacifica Northwest, and other townsfolk and mysterious creatures of the town.

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