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He also pointed out that Ciaras best boyfriend, Theo, was there with Abe and Lexie.Hesitantly, Hope agreed to let her stay and Bo and Hope left.In fact, it was also revealed that Dean was the mastermind behind the kidnapping.

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After a few weeks, things fell apart for the kidnappers.

Dean, who was actually working the case, knew the force was closing in on them.

Coincidentally, Bo and Hope had decided to let her go under the guardianship of her friend Tracys mother Ellen.

Hope was worried when she arrived and saw that Ellen had brought several other neighborhood children with her, but Bo assured her she was just being overly concerned.

Visiting Shawn and Belle in Hong Kong Formerly an appartment in Salem Formerly house on Copper Lantern Drive, Salem (2010 - 2016) Formerly Kiriakis Mansion, Salem (2009 2010) Formerly Doug and Julies house, Salem (temporarily; 2009) Formerly House on Copper Lantern Drive, Salem (birth 2009) Bo Brady (father) Hope Williams Brady (mother) Shawn-Douglas Brady (brother) Zack Brady (brother; deceased) Chelsea Brady (paternal half-sister) Victor Kiriakis (paternal grandfather) Caroline Brady (paternal grandmother) Doug Williams (maternal grandfather) Addie Horton (maternal grandmother; deceased) Yurgos Kiriakis (paternal great-grandfather; deceased) Sophie Kiriakis (paternal great-grandmother; deceased) Tom Horton Sr.

(maternal great-grandfather; deceased) Alice Grayson (maternal great-grandmother; deceased) Sid Grayson (great-great-grandfather; deceased) Abigail Grayson (great-great-grandfather; deceased) Frankie Brady (paternal half-uncle; via adoption) Max Brady (paternal half-uncle; via adoption) Isabella Toscano (paternal half-aunt; deceased) Philip Kiriakis (paternal half-uncle) Roman Brady (paternal half-uncle) Kimberly Brady (paternal half-aunt) Kayla Brady (paternal half-aunt) Douglas Le Cleir (maternal half-uncle) Steven Olson (maternal half-uncle) Julie Olson (maternal half-aunt) Brady Black (paternal half-cousin) Tyler Kiriakis (paternal half-cousin) Carrie Brady (paternal half-cousin) Samantha Brady (paternal half-cousin) Eric Brady (paternal half-cousin) Rex Brady (paternal half-cousin) Cassie Brady (paternal half-cousin) Andrew Donovan IV (paternal half-cousin) Jeannie "Theresa" Donovan (paternal half-cousin) Stephanie Johnson (paternal half-cousin) Joey Johnson (paternal half-cousin) Spencer Olson (maternal half-cousin) David Banning (maternal half-cousin) Claire Brady (niece) Alexander Kiriakis (paternal great-uncle; deceased) Titus Kiriakis (paternal great-uncle; deceased) Tommy Horton Jr.

Despite the results, Bo decided to support Hope and they reconciled.

Over time, Patrick became increasingly unhinged because of Hopes decision and kidnapped her. Bo was able to find her and showed up just as Hope went into labor.

The stalker eventually introduced himself to her on her birthday (which was changed from December 29th to July 16th). He also said it was his birthday too and called them Birthday Buddies.

He left before anyone else could see him, and Ciara simply said a friend gave her the lollipop when Hope asked her about it.

To ensure Brenda and Kyle wouldnt finger him he shot and killed them while Ciara lay blindfolded nearby.

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