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You guys, it’s Of her mom’s reaction, Kolby predicts “Her heart’s gonna fall out of her butt.” [hard blink] Er, I’m going to take that as an overly literal extrapolation of the expression, “Her heart will melt.” Moving on. Demotious shows up, and in his commentary Ken muses, “He reminds me of me when I was younger.” But for Ken, that’s not a good thing, as he regrets a lot of his youthful choices.Parental regret over past mistakes shows up in the Coleman family too. Ken grills Demotious on church attendance, drug use, and sexual history."Don't have your identity wrapped up in a guy," Koloff began, addressing young girls - "because if you try to find love in him, it's not going to work out and you're going to be left brokenhearted." She and Robertson exhorted teens to instead find true love in the Lord.

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"Seek God's approval before you seek the world's approval ...

it'll change the way you look at things, it'll change your actions, your attitude toward people, and people will notice a difference in you - [you'll be] more of a likeable person, someone that they want to be around," says Robertson.

This may have been hinted at in earlier episodes, but here it’s made explicit: Emily and Olivia actually used to party together.

This means that Emily is also acquainted with Frankie, the friend from Olivia’s past who has recently shown up again.

The Christian Families Today ministry offers a bookmark available for download which can help believers remember who they are in Christ.

The fact that it’s Wednesday means that yesterday was Tuesday, which is when I (and almost nobody I know, frankly, but evidently a lot of other people on Twitter) tune in at 10 Eastern/9 Central to watch episode 4 of on Lifetime. This week’s episode begins with Kolby, immediately post-breakup, going to talk to her mother.

If you trust in Christ for salvation, you have worth because God has given it to you; our value does not depend the approval of others.

The Scriptures proclaim God's sure, steadfast love for His people (see Exodus 34:6-7, Psalm , and Psalm ) - followers of Christ are precious in His sight (see Zephaniah ).

Robertson also encouraged young men to seek the Lord as they pursue a dating relationship - "if you go through God to get to her heart, then it's going to be a better relationship because y'all are in it for the right reasons," she says.

Many teens struggle with purity because they are in relationships for the wrong reasons, and though God is able to forgive those who follow Christ, Robertson warns that those choices can lead to bad consequences later on.

Realizing that she may have given Kolby an overly dismal view of dating, Victoria talks movingly about her own regrets about marrying at 16, finally saying “I’m sorry.


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