Who is melyssa ford dating now

So last weekend I saw a Facebook post from an associate with the caption, "See, Melyssa Ford has brains and beauty!" I decided to make myself privy to the video vixen's alleged intellectual prowess by clicking on the link to watch a segment entitled "Dangerous Message." The clip featured a panel consisting of Ford, the cutest Gloria Steinem mini-me with her feminist textbook in hand, and a Chris Brown fan: a girl who I can only imagine has lipstick smeared posters of the badly tattooed singer hung up in her dorm room, discussing whether or not Rihanna should have openly displayed affection toward Chris Brown at the recent MTV Video Music Awards. An influential pop culture figure kissing the man who allegedly beat, bit and choked her into an unconscious state -- and kissing him at one of the most highly anticipated televised award shows with approximately 7 million tuned in viewers (many of whom are impressionable, wide-eyed pubescent girls) is not apropos.

However, I do take issue with women who spend their lives catering to the sexual wiles of men, then attempt to renovate themselves into self-appointed esteem builders in an effort to save our "fallen" young girls from themselves. Side note to Tiny: I really hope you have an escape plan for you and your children when you find those pipe bombs in the attic.

Melyssa Ford is about as close to being a women's health advocate as I am to being a representative of PETA.

I recall watching Ford on a panel years ago with her Apple Bottom's boss, Midwest rapper Nelly, where she was invited to rationalize videos like "Tip Drill" as a natural extension of men's virility (her choice of words, not mine).

Apparently she thought using a woman's ass like a Hypercom T7 was a healthy way to explore one's manhood.

Ford, who made her name as a model, was home in the Bronx recovering on Wednesday, the source close to her said.

Thomas is a “pop culture journalist,” according to

Nelly nodded emphatically even though I was pretty sure he didn't know what "virility" meant. According to her title, she's evolved into having a newfound concern for the livelihood of our gender. My initial amusement quickly faded when I realized Ford's label was outright deceptive.

She wasn't on the show to be an advocate for women's health.

Those whose interviews reflect that because their father was one-third Trinidadian and their mother's paternal grandmother twice removed was half Jamaican that they somehow trump the lady on Page 36.

I joke, but aside from it being cliché, I think we as women receive enough judgment for ten lifetimes. Fellas, be grateful to a generation of bad stepfathers. to stand in school auditoriums telling kids after being arrested for an apocalyptic arsenal of weaponry stashed in the hallway closet.

When I was ten, I stuck two Siamese fighting fish in a tank together and watched while munching on caramel corn.


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