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To date, the Noah Cyrus catalog runs about five songs deep, parceled out in a year-long string of singles and official remixes—a sure sign of an artist “in development.” She co-writes her tracks, which span a narrow emotional range between teenage romantic angst and middle-fingers-up, just-got-my-first-car attitude.She sings “Stay Together,” a sentimental riff on Miley’s twerk-era party soundtrack “We Can’t Stop,” and “I’m Stuck,” a fizzy dance-pop track with a hint of twang.

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Earlier this week, Katy Perry claimed that he was "always trying to get [her] number" and "date her," to which Niall responded that she was "patronizing" him and that he only wanted to be friends.

The song, called "Again," started making waves even before it came out.

A ton of people were outraged that Cyrus had put out a song with someone not only accused of horrific violence against an ex-girlfriend, but who then threatened and mocked people who were critical of him.

Complex reached out to a rep for Cyrus to find out more, but didn't hear back.

Hey guys for Complex News, I'm Natasha Martinez//// Earlier this week XXXTentacion surprised pretty much everyone by announcing that he had a song on the way with Miley Cyrus' little sister, Noah Cyrus.

The song is called "Again" and shows a more subdued side of X.

Noah Cyrus and Austin Mahone are not dating, despite speculation from a clueless site that rarely fact-checks. We’re told the two young stars are nothing more than friends.

According to the gossip dumpster known as Hollywood Life, Mahone and Cyrus were “looking cozy” in Miami and may be “Hollywood’s hottest new couple.” Of course, the site didn’t get its dish from sources nor did it do any particular investigating.

(Perez Hilton dubbed it “a poppier Lumineers song”).

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