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They ended up living with their uncle Montgomery Montgomery (played by Billy Connelly) in Peru.While living in happiness, a mysterious man named Mr. The next day, they found Uncle Monty dead by a poisonous viper. Stephano is none other than Count Olaf in a disguise and he disappears as soon as he was framed for murder.To conclude 2004, we review another Nickelodeon movie.

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While it may distract some people calling the movie a Tim Burton knockoff, I liked the designs and were one of the main highlights of the movie.

The story was a bit uneven and the pace was unbalanced with some of it going too slow and others going too quickly.

It's up to Claus to try to rescue her before it's too late.

While reading, he conducts a plan that involves with climbing in a tower and using the same item that Olaf used to start the fire that killed their parents to burn down the stage.

This is Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.

The movie starts with a narration by Jude Law talking about three children named Claus Bauderlaire (played by Liam Aiken), and his sisters Violet (played by Emily Browning), and Sunny (played by twins Kara and Shelly Hoffman) moving in with a relative after their parents died in a mysterious fire.The children found a way to escape while the train hit the car with Olaf in it.Later on, the kids and Olaf end up in court with Olaf and the judge sentenced the kids to live with another relative.Similar to when Nickelodeon released Clockstoppers to get into the craze of Spy Kids, the next live action movie would try to get into the fantasy genre.With the major successes of the Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the Narnia series becoming acclaimed movies making millions of dollars, Nickelodeon Movies tried to do the same time with making a movie based on a book series.As time went on, the children try to scheme on how they can be able to prevent Olaf from stealing the inheritance.


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