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He also ensures that the people pitching him as a business partner know their industry inside and out.If he senses the business owners are making up numbers on the spot or that they're making a product that is entirely dependent on the power of his name to succeed, the business relationship will last no longer than an introductory lunch.

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"America is too lawsuit crazy, so with the rum and the rolling papers, with the club—everything I do, I don't own any of it." Similarly, when he's offered film roles, he says, he takes a flat salary rather than a percentage of the film's profits.

"I want to know if this thing fails, I still get a nice chunk and make money," he says.

The adult entertainment industry has created hundreds of "stars," but only a few true icons.

Of those icons, none have topped Ron Jeremy for sheer staying power on the pop culture landscape.

"If no one knows who you are, it's hard to market something. Having the internet on your side helps." That's a big part of the reason Jeremy obliges almost every request for a photo—and has made a habit of photobombing A-list celebrities when they share a red carpet.

Most recently, he wished America a happy 2017 and played harmonica on CNN's "New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin." Ultimately, Jeremy's notoriety and his business success have become interwoven. but they've all lasted a while." To keep that streak up, he does business a little differently than other celebrities.

Since then, Jeremy has appeared in just about every media you can imagine, in one way or another.

He's had branded rolling papers and a skateboard named after him. His name has fronted a nightclub favored by swingers.

Nor does it include his stint as an author, his debate tour of colleges with anti-porn crusaders XXXChurch or his rap music video.

It has, by any measure, been an incredible run in the spotlight.

But the one lesson he has learned is that, for him, staying in the pop culture spotlight ensures the business opportunities will continue to present themselves.

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