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And so having the opportunity to talk about it on the radio show, that’s what got me first turned on to the media. From that point, I just felt like I’ve got the personality for it. ” Besides appearing each week on the college football highlights TV show, ACC Gridiron Live, Spikes can also he heard every Saturday evening as a co-host on Sirius XM NFL radio.

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“It was the first big market that I played in,” said Spikes, who besides Buffalo had also played for Cincinnati at that point in his career. My peers knew I could play the game at a high level, but I wanted at that time what every other player wanted, justification.

When people mentioned my name I wanted it to be, you know what, this guy is legit.” Besides being known as legit, Spikes also found it important to lead by example.

Now, I want you to be the author of your own autobiography.’ What makes it special is we talk just as if it’s in the locker room. I don’t know any other ex-football player who turned photographer that’s been able to go put a compilation together.

I think that’s what makes this book so special, because it’s unprecedented.

BEHIND THE MASK combines personal narrative, iconic images and original photography captured by Spikes himself.

The former player gets first-hand accounts from some of the National Football League’s most prominent defensemen spanning generations as they each discussed their personal drive, hurdled obstacles and secrets to greatness.“For me it says when you have that C on your chest, that’s something that’s not political.It’s the guys telling you directly, but indirectly, without them saying anything to you, that I respect you as a captain.“With all of the stories, I’m not necessarily looking to motivate anyone because I think when you motivate someone, that only lasts for so long,” Spikes said. What makes this book so special is it has never been done before – from an athlete to an athlete.“When you inspire, and to me, inspire means you change from within. The first thing I tell the guys is, ‘Look, we have all sat down and let someone else tell our stories.Only a linebacker with the skill and wisdom of Takeo Spikes could produce such a compelling book about the fierce position that he played impressively for 15 NFL seasons.


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