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Every pivotal scene featured Aaliyah spitting out cringeworthy clichés, and the final conversation between her and Damon Dash played out like a collection of Pinterest posts read from cue cards.

Any semblance of the personality from their real-life counterparts were vacuum-sucked out.

Aaliyah's family was understandably not pleased when she married to R. The new Lifetime biopic recreates the moment the late singer brought home her new husband. " asks Aaliyah's father (played by actor Sterling Jarvis). In a published marriage license, her age is listed as 18. Music critic Jim De Rogatis has found some issues with the film’s portrayal of Aaliyah and Kelly’s relationship.

In real life, later uncovered that, yes, Aaliyah (played by Alexandra Shipp in the biopic) did lie about her age.

The less said about the portrayals of Missy Elliott and Timbaland, the better; Alexandra Shipp's performance as the princess herself only had fleeting moments of capturing the essence of Aaliyah, whether it was the way she smirked and how she wore those street-fashion clothes.

Never mind that she couldn't quite master the subtle brilliance behind that soft falsetto large enough to fill a room; overall, Shipp barely has a chance to skim the surface of who this young artist was. The actor playing Young Aaliyah is the only one who even remotely studied her character.

The aging maverick spoke to Hip-Hop Motivation about his relationship with Aaliyah and revealed that Mr. Dame further explained that Aaliyah was pretty cool in the sense that she would let guys shoot their shot.

“It was just a situation where Aaliyah was the type of girl that would give you a shot.

"So it would have never happened that way."Dash explained that he had been against her going to the Bahamas to shoot the "Rock the Boat" video in the first place, but she felt like she had to go.

And when she told him that she didn't like the plane that they were supposed to fly out on, again he warned her against it.

I wouldn't have got on that plane, you know what I'm saying?

After all these years, we’re still talking about what went wrong between Dame Dash and Jay Z that ended up killing Roc-A-Fella Records.

The 11 Best Aaliyah Covers Host Jeannie Mai asked Dash about a comment he had made on a recent episode of the VH1 reality show , where he said that Aaliyah's death -- as well as that of his mother -- had turned him into a monster, wondering whether there as any chance he could have been on the doomed plane.

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