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For instance, Skype allows you to perform most of the things that MSN Messenger does, as well as letting you make and receive PC phone calls.You also have the age-old problem of MSN taking over your client, as it's filled with even more ads, and a barrage of links to other areas of the MSN portal.

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If you're unable to connect to Facebook Chat, be sure to check and see if the service is active in the messaging hub settings (select the "..." to bring up the menu and select "settings", ensure Facebook Chat is switched on).

Once up and running, much like any IM client on Windows, Linux or Mac, you're able to set your status to: The messenger services will now be available in conversations present in the messaging hub.

Using MSN Messenger you can even send an instant message to a contact’s mobile phone.

Customization features help you personalize your chats and make your connections even more meaningful, and add a touch of your own personality to the proceedings.

Text/SMS, Messenger and Facebook Chat are all integrated into the single location.

When conversing with a contact you're able to select which means of communication you wish to use by selecting "Switch" from the application bar (the contact will need to be online as well as yourself to use Messenger or Facebook Chat - statuses are displayed when service switching for convenience).What's great about these features is that they are integrated into the operating system.Switching between text, Messenger, and Facebook can be achieved in the conversation itself with zero apps.A great client for beginners but it doesn't beat Skype for the more Net-savvy user.MSN Messenger lets you chat online, in real time, with friends, family, and colleagues.It's faster than e-mail, more discreet than a phone call, and best of all – it's free!

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