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I have used this time to heal my broken spirit and broken mind, so it hasn't been a waste of time.

It's been a long journey that I'm still on, and I don't feel like a victim. I am not my mistake, my prison sentence or my illness."She said she is thankful to the people who helped her during her prison years.

She appeared briefly in Kentville provincial court Wednesday afternoon with defence lawyer Chris Manning.

Crown attorney Bob Morrison agreed to Mader’s release on $5,000 cash bail, with conditions that she remain in Nova Scotia, surrender her passport, report in person to Kings RCMP every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and follow a curfew.

A Kings County woman wanted for allegedly abducting her child has been arrested for a second time, this time in Nova Scotia.

Jasmin Mader, 31, of North Alton was arrested without incident Wednesday morning at her parents’ home in the community.

She was arrested May 27 on that warrant in Winnipeg but later released.

Morrison said his understanding was that she was released after a magistrate ruled that Manitoba’s courts didn’t have jurisdiction to hold her on the warrant, Morrison said.

In reality, she has landed in her homeland after more than eight years in a Peruvian prison. I had to rewire my brain into dealing with the fact that my life took place within thick walls, which I couldn't escape from. It's unbearably beautiful and painful at the same time," she said.

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"I was sick all the time, either food poisoning or other diseases which spread in prisons.

Also my mind was shattered."Despite this, Atherton said she gained a lot spiritually from prison and insists that hers is not a sob story. I'm just having a full human experience – and many people suffer far worse than I do.

Mader’s arrest Wednesday was on a new warrant on a charge of abducting her child in an attempt to keep him away from the father.

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