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The work seems comprehensive, and, if the system actually possesses the simplicity it bears evidence of, it ear.::ot fail to be appreciated. Steamers regularly despatched every few days to all Ports in Spain and Portugal.

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The object which the author has Wept in view has been, as far as we are able to judge, attended with complete success. The above Steamers are especially adapted for Machinery, and have prompt despatch. SEBASTIAN, BILBAO SANTANDER, CORITNNA, VIGO, CADIZ, SEVILLE, MALAGA, CAR- THAGENA, ALICANTE, VALENCIA, TARRAGONA, and BARCELONA.

It is suitable for all the principal trades and professions. GENOA, LEGHORN CIVITA VECCHIA, NAPLES, MESSINA, and PALERMO. Bi-monthly service by steamer to LISBON and OPORTO.

' " The ABC Telegraphic Code " is a very useful work, and will be of great service in the transmission of private messages, such as sent by bankers, stockbrokers and the mercantile public. Clauson-Thue's plan is a very decided improvement on the use of cipher messages, and also a great saving in expense, and we think he has succeeded in showing it in a most satisfactory manner. ' Several attempts have been made to form an universal electric telegraphic code.

The most intelligible and most complete we have seen is the "ABC Telegraphic Code." The compiler aims at Simplicity, Economy and Secrecy, and we think he has succeeded ; evidently, at the expense of much thought and ingenuity.

'We believe that merchants and others would do well to look to this ABC code, which unquestionably offers advantages in use, economy being by no means the least important.' European Mail.

' Its object is to meet the requirements of merchants, &c, &c, &c, by a simple, economical and secret code, which will, in all probability, find much favour.' Journal of Applied Science. From its completeness and simplicity we can heartily recommend this code for general adoption, for it is truly " Multum in Parvo."' British Trade Journal. 'The demand for a cheap, simpie, and secret process of sending telegrams appears to be thoroughly supplied by Mr. Clauson-1 hue's 'ABC Telegraphic Code." The system, as explained in the opening pages, appears to be very simple and wonderfully complete for mercantile purposes.' British Mercantile Gazette. The work has our heartiest approval' Allen's Indian Mail. 'As to the present system of telegraphy, its principal disadvantages are the expense and publicity urocssari y involved, and it is to 'emedy these that the author has prepared his code. 80 Docking • 9nnerce, and as combining Secrecy, Simplicity and Economy, the code should come into «:.«.iende J use.' Grocer and Oil Trade Review. The expense of ordinary business telegrams is a serious item in a merchant's accounts, but by the adoption of this code system great expense is saved and at the same time perfect secrecy secured. Arrangements can be easily made at any time for extra Steamer or Steamers to load for or call at any of the above or other Port or Ports.

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