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When Hannah wrote an article about oral sex etiquette last year, for example, The Hoya refused to run it.“[V]ulgarity is discouraged through all sections in The Hoya,” then Guide Editor and current Managing Editor of the Hoya and Marissa Amendolia (COL ’11) wrote in an e-mail.

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Racy column name aside, Allison’s articles were actually quite tame.

Apart from a few forays into sex talk (“The Dos and Don’ts of Ex Sex,” for example), her columns were mostly chatty, informal reflections on typical collegiate dating dilemmas: is it possible for a guy and girl to be platonic friends, what is an acceptable age gap, what do male coeds really want?

Five columnists, all of whom wrote for The Hoya, have tried their hands at analyzing Georgetown’s sex and dating scene over the past seven years.

The first was Julia Allison (née Baugher, COL ‘04), of Internet infamy, who started writing “Sex and the Hilltop” for The Hoya in October of 2002.

Even if The Hoya wants its columnists to focus primarily on dispensing dating advice, it’s an unavoidable fact that sex is a central aspect of most college relationships.

If The Hoya can’t reconcile itself to that fact, it should get out of the sex column game.“[W]hen it comes to editing for style, vulgarity—and, depending on the situation, this may include sexual explicitness—is subject to editing as long as the editor maintains the author’s viewpoint.” Thanks to a combination of Georgetown’s repressed Catholic identity and The Hoya’s stodginess, our “sex” columns lack frank discussions of sex.With sex off the table, the columnists—who have all been heterosexual women—confine themselves to making dated, distasteful generalizations about female failings.It seems like everyone's looking for love online ... A few short years ago, we had to put some actual effort into dating and finding love. We connected with friends and headed out on the town/to the bar/to the game.To meet possible compatible love partners, we started a new hobby, networked in our social circles, had friends set us up on blind dates, and generally spent some time looking for someone just as amazing/screwed up as we are.I wouldn’t call her progressive—she devoted her second-ever column to extolling the virtues of The Rules, the 1995 advice book for women that praised the virtues of playing hard to get—and she was known to include Carrie Bradshaw-isms like “that got me thinking” in her articles.


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