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He told me he thought it was brilliant and asked if he could sing background on it – “Last Kiss” – the rest is history – it was a big hit and went platinum. That is why fans got so excited at concerts and wanted to touch their favorite stars – it was their only opportunity to see them in person.

JM: What are your plans, musical or otherwise, for the near future?

DC: I’m on the road quite a bit these days and still enjoying it.

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Fall has fell, election fever has gripped Canada, the US of A is keeping warm in their tin-foil hats and bunkered down under their beds, and Toronto the Groovy is in the throes of the locally produced and fantastic Indie Week, a celebration of Indie Artists and Music, the city’s wondrous venues, and complete with a Film Fest featuring music related documentaries and Q&A’s with the people responsible for them.

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Many of you have sent some wonderful emails and messaged me on Facebook wanting to hear some of the music I have been fortunate enough to write and record over the years.Regardless, it’s just about the music anyway, so I hope you enjoy them.Continue reading Posted in Opinion with tags Bob Segarini, Cheap Trick, DBAWIS, Don't Believe a Word I Say, Ed Sullivan Show, ELO, George Harrison, George Martin, I Want To Hold Your Hand, It Was 50 Years Ago Today, Jaimie Vernon, Jellyfish, John Lennon, Klaatu, Liverpool, Paul Mc Cartney, Polyphonic Spree., Ringo Starr, The Beatles, The Fab Four, The Wackers on February 8, 2014 by segarini Anniversary of the night the Beatles stepped on stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan and destroyed America – one sobbing, hormone filled teenager at a time.You have to learn to take it if you want to succeed.Perseverance and integrity are king but talent will pay off ultimately.Wanting to share some with you, I began to go through the available You Tube videos (Word Press asks for money if you want to use Mp3’s, but allows video links) and realized I had published many of them previously, so I set about to create some that NO ONE has seen.


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