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Personality and opinions matter when it comes to connecting with people. And Flavors speaks to that.” For more on this online dating service please read our review of Ok Cupid.

New couples appear on this magic day everywhere, and our dating agency is not an exception. Let’s be positive and not miss out on the opportunity to visit a country that is called, “Love and Passion.” Love can be described as an enigmatic feeling and many books are written about this feeling.

Flavors are curated groups of people within Quickmatch that fall into a specific category, like liberals, indie music fans or outdoorsy types.

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So instead, Ok Cupid (being the irreverent website that it is) has come up with some interesting twists for the categories to make it more fun.

For instance, in the first round of flavors they included “tattooed cuddlers” and “mannerly metalheads.” Also for more lifestyle-based choices, “holy rollers” (with a smoking joint icon), “Hipster vegans” (again with an avocado smoking a joint), or even “Best in Show” which I can only assume means dog lovers.

• My last name is “Visa,” because I’m everywhere you want to be!

You’re a student: you have lectures, coursework, a busy social life, maybe a part-time job…making the time to meet new people or go on dates can be a struggle.

Here at Dating for Students, we do the hard work for you.

Consider the following pointers, and sign up for free today!

This special holiday puts us in a special mood making our hearts beat faster. Valentine’s Day is a special day when two lonely hearts can find each other and fall in love. Read all We should live, hope, believe, and enjoy every second of our life because tomorrow may not come.

We should meet love in the real world and know what it’s like to truly be in love. Read all Why there are so many sayings about love in the world? We hear and we tell very often the words of love, but do not even think about the meaning.

• Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas? • Could you do me a favor and tell your boyfriend he’s a lucky man?


  1. If there’s a crisis with your lover’s ex and the kids need to come over, or little Johnny has a hockey game, your plans will need to take a backseat.

  2. Apart from that, she just gets angry at me when I let the dog on the couch!

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