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You do not need to ask for permission to ask a question in the channel. Remember to check the documentation before asking a question.If you ask a question, please hang around and be patient.There have been a lot of requests for enhancements to alfbot.

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The HTML logging plugin is custom, and available on Github.

You can issue a command to alfbot by using its nick, or by starting your message with the alias character: to keep it out of the main channel.

Though there are also channel members from Asia and Australia who are active at other times. You can join the channel through the web client:

channels=alfresco&uio=d4Or you can use an IRC client and connect to: chat.There is a tutorial on how to get started with IRC here.

Sending a command to the alfbot in public is not a problem, as it shows other channel members how to use the bot.

Whenever someone posts a URL, alfbot responds with the title. The next time that user is active in the channel (log in, become active, or post), alfbot will post the message publicly in the channel.Mac OS 8 was on the way (as you can see in the screenshot) and the good old Newton PDA was still being sold. To be fair, the end-user Internet connections of the day would never have been able to handle most of today’s media-heavy websites without them turning slow as syrup, and the relatively fine-grained design control we have these days with for example CSS was not available at the time. Launched in 1995, Tripod was originally billed as a “hip web site and pay service for and by college students,” but mainly became known as a place where people could create free web pages (à la Geo Cities). Founded in 1994 (originally as Mosaic Communications Corporation), Netscape is one of the true pioneers of the Web.In 1996, Netscape Navigator was the leading Web browser by a large margin.If the above seems formal, keep in mind they are just tips on how to get an answer.


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