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It seems one of the their carriers has been less than honest — what a surprise.

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I could go on for several hundred more words but you get the message.

It seems the creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat who did so well the first time round, handed over writing duties to Steve Thompson with catastrophic results.

All he has is a dead body and some stage equipment from an escapology show gone wrong.

There’s no indication of how anything could be proved until the jade pin is finally recovered later in the episode.

We see Sherlock bluff his way into the block of flats where the target banker lives.

Remarkably, he also seems reckless enough to drop down from one balcony to the matching balcony on the floor below. now inexplicably translated into a Chinese numbers cypher used by a tong specialising in the smuggling of ancient Chinese artifacts for sale in the London auction houses.

I still like the concept of bringing the sense of the original stories into a modern context, but there has to be something more than just the scenery and attitude shown by the actors.

This would just about have been bearable as an “hour” show, i.e.

Cinema City in Norwich won the best large organisation award for its brilliant programme of films and events and its new screen heritage and film education centre, called the John Hurt Centre, which aims to make Cinema City Education’s activities more accessible to all.

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