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Apparently, the point of ‘stashing’ is so that the person that you thought you were in a relationship can go off and be unfaithful without feeling bad about it.

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She left all of her things at his house and moved in with her best friend Cece.

She got tired of the model lifestyle and went to craigslist to find new roommates.

Jess brings an over the top girly vibe to the former bachelor pad.

In the second cycle, Jess is fired from her past position in the school for no particular reason.

Jess enjoys crafting, but doesn't have much time for it anymore. She needed a new place to live due to breaking up with her boyfriend, so she moved in with three men named Nick, Schmidt and Coach. Following Coach's departure, she now lives with Winston instead.

When the show begins, Jess is a school teacher in her late 20s.

To that goal, she makes up romantic situations for them, which actually do not work much.

Season 1 After coming home early from visiting her mother, Jess discovered that her long-term boyfriend Spencer was cheating on her with a woman named Rochelle.

We also busted Zooey Claire Deschanel is an American actress and singer-songwriter.

She made her film debut in Mumford, followed by her supporting role in Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical picture Almost Famous. Jake Johnson is an American actor, comedian, and director, most commonly known for playing Nick Miller in the Fox comedy series New Girl opposite Zooey Deschanel, for which he has received a Teen Choice Award nomination among others.

Nick Miller(boyfriend/in love with)Robby(ex-boyfriend)Sam Sweeney(ex-boyfriend)Ryan Geauxinue(ex-boyfriend)Russell Shiller(ex-boyfriend)Paul Genzlinger(ex-boyfriend) Spencer(ex-boyfriend)Berkley(ex-boyfriend) She is a bubbly young woman who just turned 31, trying to find herself after a shocking breakup with her boyfriend, whom she caught cheating.


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